achieve */*/*/

achieve */*/*/
UK [əˈtʃiːv] / US [əˈtʃɪv] verb
Word forms "achieve":
present tense I/you/we/they achieve he/she/it achieves present participle achieving past tense achieved past participle achieved
Something you achieve is like a building, and the process of achieving it is like the process of building something. They built up the business over 20 years. The organization was built on traditional principles. This web site is still under construction. They laid the foundations for future success with a carefully balanced range of products. This was the blueprint for success. She was the architect of the company's expansion overseas. It is a towering achievement. These developments threatened the whole edifice of government. All her life's work was in ruins. Strong foreign markets are the building blocks of a successful economy. Everything seemed to come crashing down around them.  idea, method, success Trying to achieve something is like cooking a meal, and you can do this well or badly. Can you give us your recipe for running a successful business? This plan is a recipe for disaster. Of all the half-baked ideas I've ever heard of, this is the craziest. I think we should put the whole question on the back burner for now. The proof of the pudding will lie in the deal he manages to strike. You know what they say about too many cooks: well, they certainly spoiled this particular broth! We're not making much progress, so it's time to throw something new into the mix. Unfortunately they overegged the pudding by adding a troupe of dancers and a jazz band. Now we're really cooking!
[transitive] to succeed in doing or having what you planned or intended, usually after a lot of effort

The Republic of Tunisia achieved independence from France in 1957.

the first signs that a breakthrough had been achieved

We have achieved what we set out to do.

a) [intransitive] to be successful by being determined or working hard

Many managers are driven by a desire to achieve.

b) [transitive] to succeed in becoming popular, famous, or successful, especially after a long time or after a lot of effort

actors who achieve fame and fortune in Hollywood

His paintings did not achieve the popularity of his books.

Derived word:
UK / US adjective

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